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Many conversion specialists agree that large, high-quality product images lead to more sales and better customer experience. That is why we decided to create a simple-to-use, high-performance zoom plugin for woocommerce stores. We worked hard to make it the best and most straightforward zoom plugin on the market.

Here are some of the features:

1. Progressive loading of zoomed images

This is, by far, the most substantial feature of our plugin. We save bandwidth by not loading full-sized images on a page load, which results in better loading times for your customers. Instead, we load full-size images in a smart way when your customers actually need them (When they use “click to zoom” feature). We timed page loading times on some of the websites that use our plugin and some of our clients experience a significant page loading time reduction. (By up to 90% in some cases)

2. Custom mobile version

Smartphone users interact with your website in a different manner, so we decided to build a separate styling and interaction module for mobile users. This ensures seamless experience and happier customers. We tested our plugin on all major devices and browsers using device lab from browserstack to make sure that our zoom plugin works for all of your clients.

3. Click-to-zoom

Most zooming plugins serve full-sized image on hover. Instead, we decided to make our plugin zoom image on click. Reason: we believe that showing full-sized image on hover is too intrusive and distracts customers. Click-to-zoom plugins are used by ecommerce leaders such as, etc. Here’s  an example of a product where you can see how zappos uses click-to-zoom feature.

Zappos uses click-to-zoom plugin for better user experience

Zappos uses click-to-zoom plugin for better user experience

4. Customizations

We developed our plugin in such a manner that default settings suit most websites. We really like how our default version works and most of our users prefer to use default version of the plugin. But if you want to change look and feel of the page we provided a very simple to use settings page where you can control different settings such as borders, zoom window positions, zoom factors, etc. Detailed description of each customization option can be found in our documentation.

5. Compatibility

We made sure that the plugin is compatible with most premium themes and plugin on the market. When developing plugins, we follow best practicies, use modern technologies and test our code thoroughly.

If you have a compatibility issue, please contact us and we will make sure that the issue is resolved.


6. Helpful support

We decided to go the extra mile to help our customers. Here’s how we can help you:

a. We can install and configure our plugin on your server for free

b. We will make sure that our plugin is compatible with your theme

c. We are replying to all questions and concerns within 24 hours

d. We would love to hear feature suggestions from you and if the suggestion is good, we will be including it in our future releases.


How to buy

We sell our plugin through a CodeCanyon marketplace. We also provide support through CodeCanyon. Or you can also contact us directly at [email protected]

If, for some reason our plugin didn’t work for you we will be more than happy to provide a refund. You can initiate an automatic refund through CodeCanyon or email us directly.

Here’s what our customers say about us:

View Live Demo | Buy Plugin for $14 on CodeCanyon


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