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Accepting ACH payments (Direct payment with the bank account details) can be beneficial for different types of businesses. Before, this gateway was rarely used. Last year, stripe launched support for ACH payments which makes it much easier to accept direct bank account payments. We are pleased to annouce that our team has developed a Woocommerce Stripe ACH plugin, this means now you can accept payments on your WooCommerce store in just 5 minutes.

WooCommerce Stripe ACH plugin supports two modes: Regular and Plaid.


Feature Overview

Regular Woocommerce Stripe ACH Payments

Regular ACH Payments mean that customers will need to enter their bank account number, routing number, and account holder name.

After entering this info, a series of micro-deposits will be made to verify account ownership of a person. (2 micro-deposits from $0.01 t0 $10.00)

After enabling regular ACH mode a new checkout option will appear on your website:

Woocommerce stripe ACH plugin - regular mode

Plaid Payments

Stripe ACH has a native support for Plaid. Plaid is a service that does two very nice things. First, it allows your customers to pay by logging in to their online banking. Second, it provides instant account verification (No micro-deposits required)

Regular ACH vs Plaid ACH

There are advantages to each method. Main advantage of using Plaid method is that it provides instant account verification and it also provides user with a nice popup where they can select their bank and enter username and password. The disadvantage of Plaid is that it is not free. You can use it for free for the first 100 clients, but after that you will need to upgrade.
Current plaid pricing can be found on their website.

Using regular ACH has it’s advantages as well – it’s free and users sometimes are more familiar with this method.

Comparison of two woocommerce stripe ACH modes - Stripe vs Plaid

How to buy

We sell our plugin through a CodeCanyon marketplace. We also provide support through CodeCanyon. Or you can also contact us directly at [email protected]

If, for some reason our plugin didn’t work for you we will be more than happy to provide a refund. You can initiate an automatic refund through CodeCanyon or email us directly.

Free installation service

We provide a free installation service for all of our customers. Just email us at [email protected] and ask us to help with installation. We will need access to FTP and WordPress admin panel (username and password)


View Live Demo | Buy Plugin on CodeCanyon

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