Foreverfit Lifts their Online Gym to a Higher Level

FEST worked with Foreverfit to increase member participation and engagement with their Online Gym, a community for exercise enthusiasts.

The Business Challenge

Foreverfit defines wellness as a state of being. A person achieves this state by consistently making exercise, nutrition, sleep, and happiness a priority in his or her life. The Online Gym, a key component of Foreverfit’s exercise wellness program, went live back in 2012.

A few years later, Foreverfit wanted to enhance their Online Gym to encourage users to participate more often. The challenge: determining what additional features would accomplish this goal.

The Assessment

Working together, Foreverfit and FEST decided that adding gamification and activity tracking to their Online Gym would address the business challenge. Using these features would encourage and motivate the gym’s members to complete their fitness goals. With this direction defined, it was up to FEST to implement the solution.

The Implementation

FEST built two leaderboards: the first showing the most active members and the second showing the members who took the most steps tracked by Fitbit. To date, over 450,000,000 steps have been tracked. Both leaderboards have allowed users to engage in friendly competition.

FEST built technology to help track the completion of activities that allow members to earn Wellpoints™. Possible examples of such activities include logging in to the Online Gym website, completing a questionnaire, leaving a comment, or completing a workout.

FEST effectively tackled two technical challenges in regard to awarding Wellpoints™. First, they integrated the Online Gym with the Wistia API to verify that members completed watching videos. Second, FEST created a Javascript widget to track video completion on various devices used by members, such as mobile, desktop, and Smart TVs.

In addition to earning Wellpoints(TM) for completing certain activities, members earn badges for maintaining membership for a length of time or by completing one of six boot camps. To date, more than one thousand badges have been awarded to members.

FEST didn’t limit themselves to improving members’ experiences; they also empowered Foreverfit’s support staff to effectively manage the new features that they implemented. To that end, FEST developed a WordPress plugin allowing support to create and administer actions and badges.

The Outcome

Adding gamification and activity tracking to the Online Gym has increased member participation and engagement on the web site. The result: members are ever closer to reaching their fitness goals and achieving a state of wellness through exercise.

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