Helping Retailers to Assess Their Performance

Retailers use ClearData’s OpinionScope to collect and analyze market research data gathered from their customers. OpinionScope’s reporting features allow the retailers to see the big picture; they can focus on their company’s most critical performance areas.

Over the last three years, FEST worked with ClearData Research to enhance OpinionScope’s functionality.

The Survey

OpinionScope collects market research data through surveys. These surveys query the retailers’ customers on their in-store experience, their interaction with customer service personnel, their suggestions for product improvements and demographic information. Customers are offered incentives, ┬ásuch as a five dollar gift card, for completing surveys.

The Challenge

When ClearData first contacted FEST, OpinionScope was already a live system. But ClearData had a wish list for improvements; they wanted to provide timelier and more relevant insights to retailers and improve operational efficiencies in the OpinionScope system. FEST worked with ClearData to implement these improvements.

The Implementation

Busy executives are often inundated with data and struggle to find what they need to make decisions. With this in mind, FEST constructed leaderboards that allow executives to identify top metrics. For example, the leaderboards pinpoint the highest rated restaurant servers and cleanest establishments. FEST also created charts that allow executives to visualize key data points.

Retailers with multiple stores often compare performance across each store for a specific time range. FEST added dashboards to OpinionScope to serve this very purpose.

FEST’s improvements also enable executives and managers to effectively consume and analyze data directly from their inboxes. Daily and weekly reports are emailed to the relevant stakeholders, who then view historical data trends.

<Picture of daily/weekly report>

In addition to enhancing Opinionscope’s data reporting capabilities, FEST built operational improvements into the system. By analyzing the system’s data usage, they were able to find more cost effective hosting plans. The result: They reduced yearly hosting infrastructure costs by sixty percent.

FEST improved the process for creating surveys on the back-end. Previously, surveys had be custom coded by a programmer. Now, many parts of the survey creation process are automated.

Finally, FEST equipped OpinionScope with a finer grain of user permission controls. Executives were given access to see data across all of their stores, while managers were limited to see data for their store only.

What technologies did FEST use? Primarily a Microsoft shop, they worked with .NET, SQL Server, and Azure to implement the OpinionScope improvements. In using this stack, they capitalized on well-known and respected technology that provides extensibility for future enhancements.

The Outcome

FEST delivered timelier and more relevant market research insights to retailers. In addition, their improvements yielded operational efficiencies to the OpinionScope back-end.

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